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WP User Chat gives you freedom to chat with any logged-in user. It stated that only logged-in users are capable of doing chat between each other.
It is very helpfull for any internal system, thats needs to interact users with each other.

Additionally, these plugins have a special features, that permits you to share your fellings with everyone.
These is very familiar with Facebook chat.
Also these plugin permits users to set users profile image. If you did not set any avatar, default image will see.

Besides that these plugins not required any type of settings, but if you want to chage or view your fellings, you have to put the widget(which is created after plugins activated) into any sidebar.The chat data stored into a separate
table, in future you may get the chat histroy from the database table.

For getting best result, please logged-in and logged-out in proper way.

Into the next version, you will get more exciting features, so keep in touch.

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User Manual- WP User Chat User GuideKnowledge Base- WP User Chat KB

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3 reviews for WP User Chat

  1. Ayhan Oktem

    I think this plugin doesn’t work with all wp themes which i tested it on colormag. Can you recommend some themes which perfectly suit your plugin? e mail me please. thank you in advance

    • WPSuperiors Developer

      Hey Ayhan,
      We check our plugins on the default theme of WordPress.
      There are thousands themes are available in market, its not possible for us to check all the themes, i hope you can understand the point.
      Let me known, in which theme you are facing the problem, may be we can help you.


  2. Ayhan Oktem

    the theme i tested your plug-in on is ÇOLORMAG

    • WPSuperiros Developer

      Hi Ayhan,
      We will send you an email, regarding this thread, from WPSupport Team(support@wpsuperiors.com).
      I hope you will join that email conversation.

  3. Ayhan Oktem

    Thanks alot for kind attention.

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