WooCommerce Additional Fees On Checkout

Add unlimited number of extra cost / fee to WooCommerce order at Checkout page


Unlimited number of cost / fee rules based on cart condition, can be created / edited / deleted by Admin. To get real life example, please visit Case Study >

Visibility controlled by admin for all cost / fee rules. Choose 'Enable' option to show or 'Disable' to hide at checkout page.

Label of cost / fee can be customizable. This label will appear at checkout page as well as user's y account order details and admin order details.

Type of applying the fee amount into the cart total for all cost / fee rule's. Choose "Fixed" or "Percentage".

Auto applied option is available. It can add the extra fess on order total at checkout page automatically.

Rule's to be applied on which situation of the cart, can be set by Admin. 4 different kind of condition's are available. 1. All, 2. Cart Total Amount, 3. Number of Product On Cart, 4. Selected Product

Is a fee required field or non-required field ? Admin can choose 'Yes' to make any fee as a required field or 'No' for non-required field.

Add custom CSS style on checkout page. Write CSS ruls on Custom CSS textarea.

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